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1 Dress 3 Ways

The weekend is coming up!! I love Thursday as it means it is almost Friday and that means it is the weekend. The weekends around here are pretty great. We usually have something to do with the young ones (basketball is the current event) and then try to fit in something fun and adult like. Usually drinking is involved and I love a good drink.

So, if I am going out, what the deuce do I wear? I have 1 dress that I am going to show 3 different ways so if you are going for nice, fancy, or casual, you have an option.

First up is the, ” I want to look nice, but not dressy,” option. Another great name for this is the, “Look! I showered!” DFS_4122 copy

DFS_4153 copy

This dress is really what’s up. It’s winter, so it’s a knit dress. Knit, meaning “will stretch.” It’s long sleeved, mid length, and black so it is a great neutral color. Because it is also body-con, I choose to throw some SPANX underneath, but do you. If you hate shape wear, rock out without it. I paired it with a brown leather bomber jacket for shape and warmth and the flat booties because I knew I was going to be walking around. DFS_4276 copy

I get rocks in my shoes all the time because I shuffle my feet when I walk. David was kind enough to snap a picture while I removed the offending rock. But it’s great because check out that ass! I’m pretty happy about that.

Now, if you are going out, take the same body-con, black dress and change up those accessories. Add a statement necklace that will pop against the black, put on some heels, and go with a fancier jacket. Longer lengths with the outerwear are a nice compliment to the silhouette of the dress.

DFS_4394 copy


For nicer occasions, my go to purse is almost always a clutch. I snagged this Kate Spade one off Ebay when I couldn’t find it on the site anymore.


Finally, sometimes high-tops are the answer. And a waist purse (fanny pack!) when you want to go hands free.

DFS_4778 copy


I LOVE this waist bag. I mean, you can’t fit a ton in it, but the important stuff gets in there ie: phone, credit card, key, lippy. And the shoes! I mean, what don’t they go with??

How do you style the black dress in your closet? Let me know! XO, J

Photographs by Arrowmaker Media

Dress: ASOS Body-Con  ASOS Straight Size Body-Con /

First Outfit: Jacket: Macys (N/A) Similar Forever 21  / Flat Booties: Eileen Fisher  

Second Outfit: Heeled Booties: Ivanka Trump (N/A) Similar and Similar / Yellow Jacket: Vintage / Clutch: Ebay / Necklace: Old Similar from Charm and Chain 

Third Outfit: Waist Purse: Old ASOS Similar from Misguided  / Shoes: Old Similar from Net-a-Porter 

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Shoes of Prey Review

Hello!! Has your week been as crazy as mine? Shit is INSANE in the Schubert household. Busy with all the comings and goings of a family of four and a mom who completely overcommits herself.

BUT, I was pretty darn excited when I got an email from Shoes of Prey that the shoes I had designed were en route to my abode. If you don’t know what Shoes Of Prey is, they are a design-your-own-shoe website. The company was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2009 and has been catching attention in the last couple of years. The concept is pretty straightforward. Pick and design your very own shoe. Heel height, silhouette, exterior material, interior material, even the soles.

It wasn’t until my sweet friend Lily took the plunge herself (and mentioned SOP has a plethora of widths) that I hopped on the site to design a pair. I suggest that you set aside some time to design your shoe because holy mother of options are there a lot of things to choose from. After about 100 hours, I decided on a high heel in teal suede with a royal blue cap toe at just under $200. YASSSS



They make every shoe, so the process takes about 4 weeks. They are very good at keeping their customers informed and excited with email updates and little clips about how their shoes are made. Oh! And if you get them and don’t like it/doesn’t fit? 365 day return or remake.

The box they arrive in is damn sexy. Black with metallic writing. Yum.

DFS_3913 copy

SOP are smart in that they include a dust bag along with toe and heel pads, and replacement heel tacks. These are awesome. Also included are some discount cards to give to friends, a note about your shoes, and a picture of the shoe you designed. I could do without these, but I can see where people are jazzed by this little detail.

DFS_3922 copy

DFS_3974 copy

The shoes are really, really lovely. They are a nice, deep teal with the perfect blue toe cap. Admittedly, the colors are slightly different than what I saw on the computer screen. The toe is a little lighter and the body is a little darker, so the difference seen on the screen wasn’t as truly realized, but I think they look fantastic regardless. There is a pretty strong glue smell when I opened the box and I suspect that it is because the shoes are so fresh. It has dissipated over time.

DFS_3977 copy

DFS_3985 copy DFS_4003 copy

The fit is pretty good! The heel is high, but my foot isn’t feeling crushed at the bottom. The size and width feels right, but I will have to add the heel insert. I’m too big for a 10.5 and sometimes to small for an 11. I’m Goldilocks searching for my just right. I am definitely going to keep them. I think they make my ankles look dynamite.


DFS_3864 copy

DFS_3772 copy

DFS_3873 copy

DFS_3880 copy

So go! Be creative! If anything, play with it for awhile to get the feel of the website. It’s easy to get sucked in. XO, J

Photography by Arrowmaker Media

Shirt: ASOS Curve Pussybow Shirt / Jeans: ASOS Curve Skinny Jeans ASOS Straight size jean /

Sweater Vest: Vince / Shoes: Designed by Me!

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