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A study in Emerald

Green is one hot color, but I underutilize the hell out of it. While my eyes are always drawn to it, I go for the cerulean blues, the fuchsia pinks, the sunset oranges. And even those are hard to find, because once you are fat, your color choices tend to drop down to black, off white, and navy blue. Oh! And don’t forget my favorite, dusty rose. FUCK YOU DUSTY ROSE I DON’T WANT YOUR SHITTY WASHED OUT COLOR.

If I had to pick one online clothier to shop at for the rest of my life I would cry, and then probably pick Eloquii. It breaks my heart that I couldn’t shop Asos or Forever 21 anymore, but Eloquii is consistently rolling out some of the best pieces of clothing that I own.

This dress is amazing for a few reasons. 1. That color. Look at that fresh as hell green! Its really, really stunning. The cotton blend is soft and shimmers just a little to make it appear that the emerald is glowing. Breathtaking! 2. It has a bow tie in the back. It’s little details like this that really highlight the talent that is at Eloquii right now. And 3. The cut is perfection. Higher waist, poplin style really sings my song. Not too short and not too long. Thumbs up all around.

I paired the dress with a pair of shoes I have had since before all my peoples. Before the husband, before the kids. I don’t wear them often anymore as they are pretty high, but they are one of my favorites. They will have to fall apart in my hands for me to get rid of them. The necklace was a tough choice, but ultimately I went with my Kate Spade gem necklace. It was such a great investment piece! So many colors allows it to go with almost anything. And that studded clutch? Forever 21! It’s Valentino-esque and I am obsessed. Did I mention it’s $10??? XO, J







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Emerald City Green Dress: Eloquii / Gemdrop Necklace: Kate Spade / Green Leather and Canvas Wedges: Old / Studded Clutch: Forever 21