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Blazers Make it Better

Sacramento autumn happens for about 2 weeks in October in case you were planning on coming to look at our fall colors. We do have a decently cold winter so there is plenty of opportunity to put on the lovely trend of the long blazer.

I’ve made it no secret that I struggle with designer pieces that are cut for a plus size body everywhere but the arms. When I tried on this Christian Siriano jacket at an 11 Honore event over the summer, I really loved it. The basketweave fabric is really special. That’s the thing with really special fabrics though….there is never enough. This was one of the last few jackets available and I really wanted it, but the arms! Luckily for me, the designer himself was at the event and he agreed to have the jacket tweaked at their store and sent to me.

I know that that opportunity literally never happens, so when searching for a blazer I recommend a few things. First, you want to make sure that the length is right. The oversized blazer is really having a moment, but you want to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm you. Second, as long as the jacket fits in the arms, shoulders, and back, I don’t need it to button. Who is going around buttoning their blazers anyway? Third, make sure it’s a color or pattern that works with a large part of your wardrobe. The right blazer can truly be worn with anything, even an evening dress.

I paired mine with jeans and the fantastic Chromat “Sample Size” t-shirt. The all-stars could be these amazing vintage YSL earrings I picked up from my favorite shop in Sacramento, #Panache. Big, colorful, and shiny. These earrings get me.

Photography Gina Fippin

Christian Siriano Black Blazer (unavailable): 11 Honore | Sample Size Shirt: Chromat | Vintage YSL earrings: #Panache

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