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Boho for Spring

At some point, even I fall into a fashion rut. I convince myself that I can’t wear some article of clothing and slink back into my closet where all of my most comfortable clothes are hiding. I justify wearing the yoga pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts because they fit and are comfortable.

But comfortable doesn’t make me feel all that great. In fact, the more I wear the yoga pants, the less great I feel about myself. So when a fantastic, inexpensive jean comes along that feels just as comfy as yoga pants, I throw those babies on.

DFS_7813 copy


You don’t have to constantly be in boho style to pull off a boho look. Its fun to play around with different kinds of clothes. It took me just as long to put the jeans, top, and vest together as it would have take me to put on yoga pants, top, and sweatshirt. It’s all the same basic pieces.



Because spring is on it’s way, it’s still a little chilly so the wool Goorin Bros hat still works. And can I give a shout out to comfort shoes? My good friend Lily suggested these Worishofer comfort sandals. They remind me a lot of the shoes my grandmother had in her closet, and now I know why she had them. They are comfortable as fuck. The slight wedge gives me just the right amount of height for my flare jeans. So this week, challenge yourself. Step outside your comfort zone with clothes. XO, J



DFS_7924 Photography Arrowmaker Media

Jeans: Forever 21 Flare Regular Short / Blouse: Nordstroms (N/A) Similar / Vest: Forever 21 (N/A) Similar / Shoes: Worishofer Sandal / Hat: Goorin Bros.

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