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Easter Sunday

For quite some time, my family has spent Easter Sunday at my parent’s country club. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is. Egg hunt, dressing up, good food, and better drinks. Have you ever had a Ramos Fizz? It’s delightful. Gin and egg whites shaken to frothy limits topped with nutmeg. I mean, come on! So good.

This past year we have taken over my parents membership and they have moved to senior members. So Easter Sunday was up to us. The folks were in Palm Springs, my two sisters were with their significant others, and my brother was down for whatever we were doing. The kids love the club, so off we trekked in our Sunday finest and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t anything different, but I felt more grown up this year. Like we were finally there as adults and not as our parents guests.

Anyhow….since we are packing I had to have the dress picked out at least a week in advance. I’m pretty on point about advance dressing, but even I panicked at the last minute with my dress options. What if I didn’t want to wear this dress in a week? What if I unexpectedly went out with friends the night before and woke up….less than sober….and wanted something more comfortable? No, I had to commit. And let me tell you, I’m glad I did. This dress is spectacular!







It was a great choice for the venue and the event. The kids had a fun time as well and Amelia super scored in the egg hunt. It pays to be the 3 year old in the 1-3yo category.


It also pays to be the adult and know how sour the “Extreme Sour Warhead” candies are.  XO, J


Photography Arrowmaker Media

Dress: Adrianna Papell / Shoes: ASOS Holloway Sandals / Jacket: Ava & Viv Target / Necklace: (old) Alexis Bittar / Purse: (old) Chanel

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