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If I Can Wear a Romper, So Can You

So the weather. WTF? When we shot these photos it was borderline warm. Which is why my onesie has shorts. A little fashion lesson…a jumpsuit has pants and a romper has shorts. Playsuit and Romper are interchangeable. Neither version are called a pantsuit. That’s a matching jacket and pants. Everybody with me?

This is me wearing a romper.


There is nothing quite like wearing a onesie. First and foremost, it’s a super low-brainer in terms of an outfit. Shirt? Done. Shorts? Done. All that’s really left is shoes and probably a necklace. They are pretty darn comfortable and as every single girl in the history of girls has shown us, they are the go to outfit for a Sunday Brunch. Drawbacks? Bathroom. Breaks.

Let me quickly touch on bathrooms and rompers. You do have to essentially get undressed to hit the toilets. If you hover, a little gymnastics might be involved. If, however, you fully commit then think about the jumpsuit like a pair of stockings. It’s a gather. And the top half of the suit should gather at your knees. No dragging your nice, pretty onesie along the bathroom floor.

Moving forward…..some of the romper hesitation I get from plus size women are concerns with length of torso, camel toe, and FUPA (fat upper pubic area) . Hey, I get it. There are some onesies out there that I will not rock. Strapless, for example. ASOS and Forever 21 make great jumpsuits with longer torsos. I occasionally suffer from accentuation of FUPA because fuck you I had kids. It really depends on the fabric of the piece. This Eloquii romper is really amazing. Fits well, great sleeves, and the shorts don’t ride up in the middle when I walk. And look at that cute pattern! I love a little yellow.

The clutch is a touch of fun from New Look and the amazing balled shoes from Eleanor Anukam got their first moment of spotlight. Eleanor is really speaking my language because she only makes shoes sizes 9 and up. These shoes are so fucking clutch. I feel 10 times more amazing when I put them on. So tell me…do you rock a onesie? XO, J





Photography Arrowmaker Media

Romper: Eloquii  Similar Eloquii and Similar ASOS / Shoes: Eleanor Anukam / Clutch: (N/A) Similar Whimsy from ASOS / Necklace: Vintage Chanel Belt

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