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There are some outfits that make the fashion blogger rounds because it is that good. I first saw this Eloquii top and pant combo on Gabi Fresh and she looked so freaking stunning in it, I had to have it.

I’ve gone on about my love for Eloquii, but it really is amazing. The brand was originally under The Limited as their plus size option. The Limited decided to close down the line just a year and a half after launch and one of the former employees resurrected it a year after that. The demand for fashionable, plus size clothes was just too great to see a company like Eloquii fade away. Every season they step up their game. Just a few posts ago, I told you how in love I am with their harem pant/dress situation. And when I saw this crop/pant set it really was love at first sight.

Now look, it is rare for my stomach to ever see the sun. I mean, the sucker is white as hell. Maybe even a tinge of blue it’s so damn white. It also has stretch marks. But you know what? This outfit made me not care about any of that. The print is completely lovely. It has a little asian flair which I love and it is able to be floral without being juvenile. I don’t feel like I’m trying to compete with any 20something girls in this crop either. It feels sophisticated and smart.










I have a pair of navy blue Christian Louboutians that I snagged at a Gilt flash sale about 100 years ago. I don’t rock them a ton because it’s hard to do anything in sky high heels. However, they make my feet and ankles look AMAZING. Have I told you how much I love my ankles? I’ll save it for another post….xo, J

Photography Arrowmaker Media

Top and Pants: Eloquii / Purse: (Vintage) Etsy Gold Lame Clutch / Shoes: (old) Christian Louboutian Saks 5th Avenue and Bergdorfs

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