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When Activewear Actually Cares About Plus Size

I’ve spoken about getting more active on my instagram as of late, but wanted to touch back here with what I am wearing.

It boggles my mind that there are athletic clothing companies that do not offer plus sizes. I’m looking at you fat phobic Lulu Lemon! It’s a strange place to be in…to be fat and want to work out, to be surrounded by a culture that tells me that I should workout because being fat is wrong, BUT not having a company to clothe me for said workout. Apparently, I shouldn’t expect to look good working out. That privilege is reserved for sizes 00 to 10.

I had gotten so used to this double standard that when a company came along that actually sized up to a 20, I didn’t truly trust it. Brands say they go up to a 20 or say they are plus size, but it’s only half true. The 3x is an actual size 14 or only a small fraction of their line is plus. Out of 20 available leggings, 2 come in XXL. However, and this is a big however, this is not the case with Girlfriend.

This company. Not only do they make a pant that is thick, but stretchy, comes in a bevy of colors that are stunning, makes sizes up to a 20, and doesn’t roll down the tummy, BUT everything is made from recycled plastic bottles. They are doing right by both fat people AND the earth. As an added bonus, these leggings come in 3 lenghts (28″, 23″, and 19″) and 2 thicknesses (compression and lite).

Also, let the record show that I have no idea how people on the beach do these photoshoots. It has to take geniuses to run and smile and not look like a complete fool.

Photography by David Schubert

Topanga Sports Bra: Girlfriend Collective | High Rise Legging in 3 lenghts: Girlfriend Collective

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