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Our Not so secret secret

Outwardly, I don’t think we look like a Disneyland fanatic family. If you hang in our house for any long period of time however, you will hear my kids bring it up at least 4 or 5 times in any given conversation. And David and I will jump on in there as well. Actually, me more than David.

We completely buy into the Disney magic. We get dressed up in Mickey gear. We show up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn to get into the park. We eat in the restaurants. We stay till the park is closed. We do all the things and we freaking love it. This year we were lucky enough to go both in May for Mother’s Day and just last week for the Halloween decorations. I know the kids adore some kids play songs while we wander around Disneyland loving every moment.

There is something to be said about the magic that is Disneyland and one of those magical things is the clothing. Have you ever taken a second to look at all the different things people wear to Disneyland? People are CRAZY creative with their Disneywear. There is even Disney Bounding where people use characters as inspiration.

As amazing as all the fashion is, there isn’t always an option for someone who is plus sized. When I am headed into the park, I have a few places I like to shop from. Torrid, Asos, and Target are all fantastic options. Torrid is certainly my favorite (and occasionally their sister store Hot Topic) where they have not only shirts, but dresses, leggings, and accessories.

Anaheim always seems to be hot, so when we visited in May, I wanted to wear something lightweight and breeze. I picked up this incredibly cute swing dress from Torrid.

While this Stitch dress isn’t available anymore, Torrid has just gotten some new arrivals and they are ridiculously cute. I snag all my Mickey ears from Etsy. These in particular are from Greatest Adventure. They are quick to ship and are very good quality. I like that they come with velcro to help keep the ears on the head. With all the rides, it’s very important that the ears stay on! I can’t forget the Keds! Tennis shoes are almost a must in Disney, at least for me. These Keds are super cute and, most importantly, they are comfortable.

I would say though, Disney is the most fun when it is shared. We constantly run into people we know who just happen to be in Disneyland at the same time we are. Or, we are lucky enough to plan an actual trip with friends. Either way, having friends who share in the magic makes it even more awesome. Planning a trip to any of the Disney parks can get quite costly, especially if you’re bringing the whole family along too! You might find that it stretches your budget but if you apply for credit, after getting an experian credit report, you might be able to get the funds together to go on the trip of a lifetime!

Photography Arrowmaker Media

Stitch Dress: Similar at Torrid / Mickey Ears: Stitch , Dole Whip , and Sequins (similar) / Minnie Sneakers: Keds

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