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The en Blanc I’m not wearing

One of the things I always do is to lay out my outfits before an event. I’m always putting clothes together in my brain, but in order for something to work, I have to actually pull the clothes out of the closet and put them on my body. My brain is tricky….it thinks I look a certain way and am a certain height that I am just not. So it is incredibly important for me to actually try on the clothes that I want to wear.

When I have a special event, my brain can dress and undress me for months. Add the fact that I am a night owl into the equation and the term “obsessed” can get thrown around when it comes to an outfit. Part of this comes from necessity though. If shit doesn’t work out, I can’t exactly walk up to my local department store and grab something off the rack. Not unless I’m interested in a sequined sack cloth buried in the depths of the lower level dark corners where Gollum probably lives. I HAVE to plan outfits out to account for freaking shipping.

With that being said, sometimes (most times) I have more than one option that I just hang on to. It will eventually be worn, just not to this. With Dîner en Blanc’s second year coming up, I am now the proud owner of quite a few white dresses. These are 2 that didn’t make the cut. I will be in the final outfit this Saturday! Stay tuned for full coverage of our cities chicest event!

Photography by ArrowMaker Media

Lace Midi Dress: Asos / Pearl Embellished Sandals: Stuart Weitzman / Origami Scuba Dress: Same cut different print Asos / Gold Booties: SJP (in pewter) / Gold “Crisp” Purse: Anya Hindmarch

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