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The perfect shirt?

I’ve spent the better part of my life figuring out what kind of shirt looks best on me.

For a long time, it was only v-necks. I think this was because my chest was so large that I needed that skin exposure to make me feel less top heavy. It didn’t always work, but it made me feel better.

Fast forward to today. I’ve had a breast reduction/tummy tuck surgery austin and have a lot more freedom with shapes of shirts. I also can do a French tuck! As much as I wanted to love my FUPA, I never quite got there (exploring that in another post, I promise).

This shirt was not on my radar. As colorful as it is, which is normally my MO, I just kept passing on it. It wasn’t until I went to an 11 Honore Trunk Show that it really sang. And by sang, I mean a woman named Jessica shoved it into the makeshift dressing room when I said I had nothing to wear with a skirt I was trying on.

Side note, the women and men that work at 11 Honore are really spectacular people. Honestly. When a fat woman loves designer clothes, that is one tiny shopping pool. Tiny, tiny pool. But, this company is crazy amazing and curates plus size clothing from designers and then sells them to people like me. I love them and will explore my time at New York Fashion week and 11 Honore next week.

So this shirt. This shirt is sublime. Anytime I need something casual? Works. Fancy? Works. Jeans? Works. Lightweight? Works. Layering piece? Works. Beautiful detailing in its construction and FITS MY ARMS AMMMIRITE? I paired this round with distressed black jeans, my new (men’s) Gucci slides, and a belt bag. No v-neck, but hey we can’t win em all.

Principle Photography Gina Fippin

Prabal Gurung Flounce Blouse: 11 Honore / The Best Black Jeans Ever: Asos / Chloe Belt Bag: Net-a-Porter in Red / Gucci (men’s for my wide feet) Loafers that are apparently called Slippers: Gucci


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